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About Horsham in Bloom

We are an independent not-for-profit charity working in partnership with local businesses, organisations, residents, volunteer groups and Horsham District Council.

Our aim is to encourage horticultural excellence, community participation and environmental responsibility within Horsham Town.

We will achieve this by sponsorship, education, provision of floral displays, initiating and supporting environmental and horticultural projects, sustainable planting and landscape enhancement.

We are particularly keen to support new and exciting horticultural projects which create places for people to enjoy, such as the Human Nature Garden and the New Street Green project featured on this page.

Contact us

Phone: 01403 215491 or e-mail

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New Street Green project

Horsham in Bloom, in partnership with Horsham District Council, have exciting plans to develop an ‘unloved’ area.

Situated in New Street, behind the Brighton Road Baptist Church, plans for the site include trees to attract bees and butterflies, seating and informal play areas.

New brightly coloured railings are already in place - you can’t miss it!

If you would like to be involved with the project, please contact:

Feedback from the successful open morning on 4th June has now been collated.

An updated sketch plan is currently being prepared to take into account the most popular suggestions.

The next stage of the project will be to approve the updated plan with local partner organisations and interested parties, and a timetable of works will then be drawn up.

2016 Competitions

There are five competitions this year -

Best allotment - this year, entries will be by invitation only, through Allotment Societies

The Entry Forms can be

downloaded from this page


Horsham in Bloom is again looking forward to seeing the results of the work of local gardeners.

Their enthusiasm for gardening or caring for the area in which they live is infectious so this should encourage many others to do the same.